Modern and Traditional Marketing Techniques: Which Is Better?

MARKETINGWith the booming internet, marketing has never been so easy. With the aid of Internet, there are now several ways to promote almost anything. For instance, social media campaigns can be executed with minimal effort.

A more and more people are seeking for new and effective ways of modern marketing techniques, some are still persistent that tried and tested traditional marketing ways should be used to get the marketing job done.

Complicated as it seems, modern marketing techniques could enhance traditional marketing strategies. They can work together if necessary and be able to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to sell a product or service.

The Power of A Traditional Coupon

During 2010, stated in their report that there are around 78.3 percent of consumers who have used a coupon. In addition, according to’s survey, 37 percent of Facebook users joined the social media site in order to receive coupons and other discount offers.

These reports alone state that those coupons, an old school marketing campaign, can bring in customers and are a major factor why consumers join modern marketing techniques like the use of social media sites. Without a doubt, many consumers interact with businesses because of this. Coupon is a great marketing strategy and with this scenario, it’s an old marketing strategy with a modern touch. Coupons are distributed electronically instead of the old way, which used to be in stores or businesses, fliers, newspapers and magazines.

Visual Creativeness

In order to gain attention, a business’ creativity is always put to test. Traditional or modern, a business needs to get the attention of consumers first before it can start selling.   The old way is through a billboard ad that can really catch the attention of people who pass through the area. Everybody is a possible customer, so a catchy billboard is very important. To be able to incorporate a modern style, billboards could not be be a 3-D image that seems to be jumping out of the board. For a more modern approach, a mashup video can be created to push the product out on the internet.

A Consumer’s Initial Action

A business needs to connect to a customer in order to promote its products or services. For social media users, a business must convince a consumer to “Like” them on Facebook or a phone inquiry through the posted ad on a billboard. Either traditional or modern, the initial action of a consumer is very important.

A Unified Goal

A successful business will definitely dismiss the argument on which kind of marketing is better, because no one is. It has been proven time and time again that both are effective strategies, the key here is proper implementation. To cite an example, Burger King celebrated its Whopper’s 55th Anniversary. The burger joint created a TV ad, used Facebook to let the internet know about its Whopper burger, and even offered the burger at a cost of only .55 cents during the celebration and the company gained a lot.

Overall, traditional and modern marketing techniques should not be pitted against each other.   Both can be utilized to complement each other.

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