It’s a fact: 90% of all websites fail to make money! Why ?? People have been over sold on the ridiculous notion that all you have to do is put up a site and presto the world will find you. Won’t happen – unless you get proactive and make it happen.

If your company’s website is not properly listed in the search engines, major directories and indexes that feed content to those directories, another company is acquiring your customers at this very moment.

Whether you have your own domain or are marketing your favorite affiliate site,
we can get you, your share of all those “hits” you’ve heard so much about.

We are a marketing and web development firm that is devoted to staying on top of the cutting-edge of new technologies. Some of the technologies currently used at NTIRA include, but not limited to: Flash, ASP, PHP, SQL, mySQL, Oracle, Java, Coldfusion, and XML. With so many types of SEO software and other technologies readily available to the developers at NTIRA, we are able to create sophisticated yet simple applications for all of our clients’ needs. Our company vision is to always exceed our clients’ expectations and stay below our expected budget.

It takes two to tango; you can have the best Internet strategy, but without an advanced back-end to support your marketing plan, you will never be able to utilize your full potential. We know and understand this, that’s why we employ the most talented and dedicated web designers, programmers and marketing specialists.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our services.