Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Campaign

Guaranteed, qualified and immediate traffic from top search engines can instantly drive additional revenue into your company. Utilizing Overture (Yahoo!) and Google Adwords, which are major Pay Per Click (PPC) engines available today, we are able to drive highly motivated visitors to your websites. Though anyone is able to utilize these tools, it takes experience and research to maximize dollars for any campaign. Our PPC Management Campaign utilizes these two key services to promote business and guarantee sales through proven research.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Campaigns include:

  • Keyword Research – We start by doing extensive research for your targeted market to compile a complete list of potential keywords that will maximize your return.
  • Keyword Selection – We will continually track all of your potential keywords to determine the highest Return on Investment (ROI). By using our current database of proven keywords and by eliminating certain keywords that are not performing well, we can assure you the highest possible Return on Investment.
  • Proven Ad Copy – We will use proven ad copy to attract qualified prospects to your website, which will increase the probability of converting visitors within your site.
  • Traffic Analysis – We will analyze all incoming traffic, including paths throughout the website and their exit routes.
  • Bid Management – Bid rates will be decided on an individual basis through our initial consulting session. Based upon starting rates and user input, we will optimize each advertisement to maximize your return.
  • ROI and Campaign Reporting – You will a receive a bi-weekly report on the keywords being used and also the return on investment per keyword. Over time, we will analyze these reports to further enhance your marketing campaign. In order to maximize profitability we will rephrase your copy to target more specific audiences based on the results of your reports.
  • Website Recommendations – As an added incentive, after tracking visitor paths, we will also recommend solutions to further improve your website.