Internet Marketing

From philosophy to concept and target audience to product, every business is unique. As a result, every business requires personal attention in order to develop an exceptional marketing solution from scratch.

The principle purpose of cNet Page’S Mortgage Marketing Consultants is to help you build an Internet Strategy capable of reaching and influencing your desired audience. By aiming at precise markets already in search of your products and services, we maximize the marketing potential and take full advantage of the promoting spectrum. With our individualized marketing package, we can pledge and promise an amplified return on investment.

Along with banner advertising, contextual marketing, opt-in email marketing, search engine marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC), we also include the ability to track the progress of our work “live” and see how well we are working for you. We make it possible for you to track the cost of acquisition per lead in real time and view the exact number of impressions, unique visitors, clicks, and page views.